Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I spell my name differently?

We can do any spelling for your name, even if you have a unique spelling.

Where do you get the meanings for the names?

We have many researched data bases we go to to get the origin and meaning of the names.

If you have researched a meaning that we do not have and you want your meaning entered in, we can do that for you as well.

I know you won't have my name, I never find my name anywhere.

Yes we do have your name. All names come from a root name and we can do any name.

What if my name is two names put together?

These are called combo names and we will give you the origin and meaning of each name.

Do you do last names?

No, we only do first names.

What if I want to put a picture in the center where the name is?

The center is designed for the senior picture or 1 year picture (on baby mat).

The name is taped in the center so it can be removed and a picture put in.

Many people choose to put the name in the baby book or scrapbook if they decide to put a picture in the center 5x7 opening.

Are the flowers on the mats real flowers?

Yes, the flowers are real dried flowers that we grow and dry.

Will the flowers on the mat fade?

We dry the flowers with a process to retain their colors.

Since they are real flowers, over time some of the flowers may lighten slightly but will not turn brown.

Keeping them out of direct sunlight and using UV glass on the frame will also help preserve the colors.

What are the frames made of?

All of our frames are made of solid wood. We do not use plastic frames.

What are the sizes of the mats?

The mats are all standared sizes.

The school mats, baby mats and double opening mats are all 11x14.

The triple opening mats are 10x20.

The single name mats are 8x10.